If this is your first time visit to Goa, Then you may just read some of the essential travel tips which will come in use. You do not want to run into a spot of bother during your stay, as that may completely ruin your spirited mood.

One of the fundamental tips for a first-timer Goa tourist is not to over-drink. Drinking or boozing, as they call it these days, is a riot in this state which is very chilled out about rules and regulations. Casinos operate till late nights and the pubs are always full of party animals. Amidst the excitement and revelries, people often end up drinking more than they need to. Over-drinking can make you take very bad decisions. You may get into a brawl with a stranger or end up on the wrong side of your bed (if you know what we mean). So, before you book your tempting Goa holiday packages, make an oath that if you drink, you will drink moderately. Everyone can find easily tour packages for Goa available online; it is not hard to book a package these days.

The second travel tip is to refrain from ogling. This tip basically goes out to the male readers. Some of the Goa beaches are full of foreign tourists and the sight of a skimpily clad woman is nothing new out here. But for a first-time tourist heading to Goa out of his conservative little town, it can be quite an uncommon sight and one that may instantly trigger some testosterones. It is important that you maintain decorum and do not ogle, no matter how photogenic the woman may appear. Some guys even show the audacity of taking pictures of a bikini-wearing woman. Such an act can land you in real trouble since the officials are usually on patrol and if caught, you may have to face charges in the court.

5 Essential Goa Travel Tips For Those Going For The First Time

The third tip will be to maintain safety while swimming. While Goa’s sea is not much turbulent and is considered reasonably safe, you may still not want to get carried away by the heat of the moment. The sea is a charmer no doubt and some people may get tempted to leave the safety of the shore. If you are not a strong swimmer, better stick to playing with the waves that crash on the shores.

Goa will also take you to the heritage attractions like the churches and the cathedrals. Places like the Se Cathedral and Basilica of Bom Jesus are must-visit attractions. The fourth tip is to make sure that you do not cross your line of decency while visiting these attractions. That is to say you must wear decent clothes and you must not take photographs of areas which are prohibited.

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The fifth tip is basically for shoppers. At Goa, you will run into a number of flea markets like the Anjuna Flea Market and the Ingo’s Night Bazaar. Don’t forget to bargain there. Haggling with these shop owners is a must.

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