If you are planning to have a vacation to escape your daily life, you may want to visit places that will give you unforgettable memories. In Indonesia, the capital city, Jakarta, is one of the most popular city to be visited. However, many people are not sure whether Jakarta is a good choice for holiday. Questions such as how messy the city is? Is it worth it to go to Jakarta? Or is 2 or 3 days enough? Are often occur while choosing Jakarta as a place for a vacation. Actually, if you want to escape your daily hectic life, Jakarta is not a recommended city due to its awful traffic jam. But if you are looking for some adventures, this city offers you more than enough to get what you want. In this article, we will give a brief suggestions about what to do in Jakarta.

The List Of What To Do In Jakarta

Jakarta offers so many places to visit during your vacation. The following lists are the list of where to go in Jakarta for a short vacation.

  • Visiting Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII): literally interpreted as Gorgeous Indonesia Miniature Park, this place is situated in the city’s eastern zone. TMII is an interesting place to learn about the culture of Indonesia. In this park, you will ride a cable car to see the miniature of Indonesia. The view that you will see from the cable car is quite rewarding.
  • Visiting the Ancol Beach: Ancol is a beach that is located in the same zone with Dufan Amusement Park. This beach can be a great preference to experience some the sunset after a long day of hectic life or after enjoying the amusement park. For those who love photography, capturing some scene around Ancol can be also pretty exciting.
  • Going to Dufan Amusement Park: this amusement park is one of Indonesia’s largest amusement park. For those who love thrilling experience, playing all day long in Dufan can be a great escape from the stressful days of works. If you want to visit this place, make sure to visit on weekdays, because on weekend, this place is super packed with people!
  • Istiqlal Mosque and Catholic Cathedral: Istiqlal mosque is claimed to be the biggest mosque in Southeast Asia and specifically Indonesia. Within the road, an awesome building of the Cathedral with neo-gothic design. These buildings is the proof of the tolerance between religions that exist in Indonesia.
  • Strolling Jalan Surabaya: for fans of antique stuffs, waking down Jalan Surabaya on the evening can be a great idea. In this street, there are so many stores that offers antiques. However, you have to be careful, as some of the things that is sold can be a cheap imitation.

Those are the list of what to see in Jakarta. Jakarta still offers a lot of things to visit, and a short visit may not be enough to explore all of them. However, those five things should be able to give you unforgettable memories of Jakarta.